Paperless Post Freebie Invites

In my last catalog from Crate & Barrel I noticed a little ad mentioning Paperless Post. So I went to check out the link HERE, and found out the two companies have joined together to offer a FREE collection to their readers.

Aren’t their invites so cute and stylish? Perfect for that last minute get-together. This design is tempting me to host an Oscar party…

boxwood clippings_paperless post

Go see if there’s a free invite for your next event or announcement, and don’t forget to invite us!

PS. Over Christmas we were playing a game when the word “catalog” came up, my 9 year old nephew asked what it was….scary how things are changing!

One Response to “Paperless Post Freebie Invites”

  1. LB Says:

    Yikes… I feel old. I never thought about catalogs being a thing of the past, but I guess we rarely shop with “look books” anymore.

    Thanks for the free invite tip!