Sarah’s Organization Project: Bathroom Drawers

Morning friends! Today I’d like to share the first post from one of my big new year goals: to have a COMPLETELY organized home. This is a massive goal to keep on top of, so I’m starting little by little, and keeping you updated along the way.

My first task was my bathroom drawers. See here how I began organizing with little containers but they were too small and moved when I opened and closed the drawer…no good. :(

boxwood clippings_organized draw

By adding more containers ($1 for 3 from the Dollar Tree) I packed them in so they no longer moved around, and although they’re not the perfect match colour wise, they function perfectly together so it’s ok. I tend to always buy white or clear incase this happens!

boxwood clippings_organized draw 2

Project cost: $1

Project time: less than 10 minutes

Project reward: utter bliss! I’m a simple girl!

4 Responses to “Sarah’s Organization Project: Bathroom Drawers”

  1. Sarah Says:

    You don’t even want to see my drawers – your “before” photo puts them to shame ;0)

  2. Gabbi @ Retro Ranch Reno Says:

    Gotta love organized drawers!! They make me super happy too! :)

  3. LB Says:

    I agree with Gabbi. Organized drawers, closets, and pantries just make you happy. :)

  4. pixie Says:

    I have only one drawer in my bathroom and its a wide shallow drawer the length of the small vanity. It also has a cut out in the middle to go around the pipes so the usable space is a U shape. Challenging to say the least. I like this idea!