Windsor Chairs

Happy New Year everyone! I am back to business, browsing magazines and pinterest for new year inspiration!

Don’t you love it when you see an image that takes your breath away? This image did just that:


Breath-taking analysis:

  • Perfect blend of crisp white and rustic woods.
  • Roaring fire and country haven.
  • Queen Anne’s lace…one of my faves.
  • Those chairs!

Breaking down specifics in an image helps me acknowledge what I LOVE, and a common theme I am seeing are windsor chairs.

I was shocked again when I saw the traditional chair at RH…and on clearance…

boxwoodclippings_restoration hardware windsor chair

Although I know I’ve already purchased a number of chairs for the new house and still no dining table I am sorely tempted.

Taste and style are always evolving, but this chair is perfect in a country space like above, but would also look fantastic in a modern or traditional space too:

boxwoodclippings_traditional kitchen

I would feel very confident buying these for any client, knowing that they could change their style over the years and the chairs would still look great. With that said, I’m pretty sure we all need to buy these chairs! You in?

2 Responses to “Windsor Chairs”

  1. Gabbi @ Retro Ranch Reno Says:

    Ohhhh, I’m in! I love them, and how they could work with so many different settings.

  2. LB Says:

    These and bent wood chairs seem to be classics. They’re always in style. Yes, I like them too.