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Amazing Birthday Cakes

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me!

Other than the occasional birthday freak out (once every 5 years or so) I absolutely LOVE my birthday. A day full of family, friends, messages and goodies…what’s not to love?

This year I’ll be out for my birthday dinner, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over these amazing cakes…

boxwood clippings birthday cakes

Double Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova from What Katie Ate

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting from Always With Butter

Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge from Sweetopolita

Chocolate Christmas Cake (with Malt Balls) from Urbane Fruits

Looks like I’ll be getting my bake on, lots of Birthdays in March.


Also, I’ve got LOTS of birthday freebies to enjoy today. See THIS post if you haven’t signed up for yours yet.

DIY Birthday Banner

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

This week my friend Brooke’s twin girls turned one. Naturally she wanted a girly celebration, so one afternoon we threw together this garland (with lots of help from Katie).

boxwood clippings_diy garland


First, we printed off the letters we needed and cut them in circles. Next we glued the edges and dipped them in glitter. While they were drying we cut out bigger circles out of card stock and folded them in half, again and again until we had this accordion look. Then we simply hot glued the letters onto the folded card stock, and then them onto ribbon.

boxwood clippings_diy birthday banner

boxwood clippings_diy birthday banner

Pretty darn cute, don’t you think!

Target Tuesday: Mint

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

boxwoodclippings_target tuesday header

Mint has been ‘on-trend’ for some time now, but this spring it will be here with vengeance, and we couldn’t be happier…

boxwoodclippings_target mint collection

blouse | tote  |  leather flats  |  mint + gold earrings  |  organic baby blankets  |  infant swimsuit

 Adding just one little piece will help you feel fresh and new this spring! Mint looks great with so many different colors, our favorite color pairing is mint + navy, how about yours?

Coral + Blue Nursery Inspiration

Monday, February 25th, 2013

We got the news last week that our brother, Dan and sis-in-law, Kimberly will be expecting their 1st girl after four boys! I’m pretty much sure we have the best idea ever for the nursery!

The current nursery is a blend of yellows and blues. As there is obviously a lot of blue in all of the baby things, we think just a bright pop of feminine coral is all that is needed to welcome the new little girl.

Here are a few examples of the color pairing:

boxwoodclippings_coral and blue

boxwoodclippings_peach flowers + blue vase

boxwoodclippings_blue and coral living room

boxwoodclippings_framed lullabies

Framed lullabies…how cute is that? The best thing about this color combo is you can’t go wrong. Any shade of coral + any shade of blue looks fabulous.

Luckily, I’ve already spied an incredible chair and a punchy lamp that will transform the space :)

boxwoodclippings_floral chair

boxwoodclippings_target coral lamp

Have I convinced you yet, Kimbers?

Great Ballet Flats at Gap

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

These cute flats just arrived in the mail:

boxwoodclippings_camel ballet flats

The soft leather is so unbelievably comfy, I don’t want to take them off. They are going to be perfect for spring, and I may have to purchase another pair in one of these bright hues:

They are too great, I just had to share in case you needed a pair for spring too. Don’t forget to wait for a sale day…I got mine for 30% off making them only $28!

Holler Dollar: Dust Pan & Brush Cleaning Tip

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Did you guys ever watch Jon & Kate plus 8? We did, and loved it for quite a while (until things started heading south).

Anyhow, Kate used a dust pan and brush to sweep her counters before wiping then down. I think it’s pretty much one of the best ideas ever, and have adopted it into my cleaning routine.

boxwood clippings_holler hollar

Of course you need a designated set for the job, mine is from the dollar section at Target, but they have them all over the place for about a $1. Mine hangs on a hook at the side of my bar, and everyone knows it’s strictly for counters only!

3 Steps to Simple Design

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

A few rays of sunshine this weekend was enough to get me excited for spring, and in the mood to simplify things around here…

boxwoodclippings_simple entry

boxwoodclippings_simple bathroom

boxwoodclippings_white living room

These designs are simple, deliberate and stunning. Here are 3 steps to create a similar look:

#1 Clean Slate: Remove everything you don’t love or need from the room. Organize and store accessories you’ve removed so you can change them out seasonally.

#2 Add staple furniture. Now is the perfect time to re-arrange the furniture. Don’t stop rearranging until it’s both functional and pleasing to you.

#3 Add minimal accessories. Lots of times over-accessorizing can overwhelm and destroy a room. Remember: Less is more! Minimal accessories in earthy, wood tones add zen and warmth to a space. Baskets to store small items, as well as sisal rugs are great for this look, and don’t forget to add a living plant or fresh flowers for the finishing touch.

Breath and enjoy your simplified space all ready for spring!

Sarah’s Organization Project: Hanging Scarfs

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE to wear scarfs. However they created quite a problem in my closet until last week when I finally tacked the issue, and I feel much better!

Before, I would hang my scarfs on hangers, which worked ok, but caused a few problems (like when you take a scarf off and the others become off-balanced and sometimes fall down). Plus, it’s not the best looking option.

boxwood clippings_scarf organiztion

Then on a recent trip to Ikea these hooks (see HERE) caught my eye, and they were on clearance from $3.99 to $1.99, not bad for 5 hooks!
boxwood clippings_ikea hooksAnd so I had the hubs hang two behind the closet door, and voila! I’m a happy lady.

Here’s one:

boxwood clippings_organized scarfs


Project cost: About $4

Project time: 15 minutes

Project reward: Prettier closet, and easier access to each scarf…whoot whoot!


Happy Presidents’ Day

Monday, February 18th, 2013
boxwoodclippings_flag +

Today we’re enjoying a much needed long weekend with our hubbies. Good food, a little shopping, a little relaxing and a few sunny days… A big thank you to those who have, and those who still do try to make the country a better place.

We hope you are enjoying the holiday too!

Little Beauties: Anthro Mini Bowls

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Don’t you love a little beauty?

These mini latte bowls at Anthropologie have been catching my eye for quite a while, and finally on my last visit I decided I couldn’t resist any longer and at $2.50 each I didn’t have to!

boxwood clippings_anthro bowls

I just adore the milky colours together, and makes me happy everytime I catch a glimpse of them sitting happy on my kitchen shelf.

What little beauties make you guys smile?

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Last Saturday night, in prep for Kimberly’s annual Valentine’s dinner I was prepping chocolate dipped strawberries for the family and had the greatest time. That’s right, just me + strawberries + chocolate :)

In the kitchen I often get to thinking…not too many distractions, and for some reason repetitive tasks such as cutting up vegetables or dipping strawberries in smooth, glossy chocolate over an extended time really relaxes and de-stresses me (am I ocd?)

boxwood clippings_chocolate strawberries

I was thinking how this year our numbers would be slim as Mum and Dad are in England, as well as Luke (temporarily), and of course our older two brothers and their families who live there permanently. I hate when my parents are out of the country… I feel like a little girl homesick for them, which then leads to missing and thinking about my siblings. This night was no exception and almost every action reminded me of them.

boxwood clippings_old family portrait

Rob: In our kitchen, I keep an old CD player and a sampling of my favorite CD’s. When I play them, it always reminds me of my brother, and his love for music. Plus my favorite CD’s are ones he has given me, classics like Blondie, Johnny Cash and the Proclaimers.

Phil: I always feel like Philip (the chef of our family) when I get my apron on and enjoy making something delicious in the kitchen.

Dan: I thought of Daniel while anticipating our dinner the next day at his house and grateful to him, for his constant efforts of inviting us all over to get our family together.

Hel: I felt like Helen, when somehow ALL of my fingers got covered in chocolate, and I HAD TO lick them before washing them clean. She always looks graceful no matter what, and I am always a clumsy mess.

Sar: I thought of Sarah when I drizzled with chocolate the perfect strawberry. She and Martha Stewart would’ve been proud.

Lukey: I thought of Luke when I sang along (very loudly) to Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me”. (Luke, is a huge, 6′ 7″ beast of a man and is so funny when he sings his lungs out to Taylor Swift).

Sammy: When I realized I was having such a good time, I giggled out-loud. Sam, the baby of our family is always giggling to himself.

I had such a fun few hours making these sweet treats and enjoying even more the sweet thoughts of my siblings.

Brothers and sisters, I love when a simple action reminds me of you and how much I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Emily xxx

House Update

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

All of a sudden we have a house! It only took a month to frame, roof, insulate, wire and drywall…crazy.

boxwoodclippings_em's house

Don’t mind the single piece of wood holding up the porch :) This is the super ugly phase, but will hopefully look a little better by the time we move in!

We had our first official walk-through last week. Holmes has been amazing at adjusting plans for our specific needs… adding a window here, moving a doorway there…it’s coming along great and I am ecstatic as we are getting closer…

Which leads me on to something a little less exciting…appliances.

Is it ridiculous that I really do want to buy an Electrolux washer/dryer set so I can handle 3 kids/career/birthday parties/messy puppy and ‘be even more amazing’ and just like Kelly Rippa?

boxwoodclippings_eletrolux steam washer/dryer

They totally got me…18 minute wash + dry cycles, sanitize cycle killing 99.9% bacteria, energy-efficient, and beautiful = SOLD!

Am I crazy? Is there really a noticeable difference between a $400 and $1,000 washer?

Do I really need steam? Opinions please, I’m starting to think the laundromat is a good deal compared to these prices!


This is my inspiration picture for the future laundry room…


Shiny, clean and bright with just a little storage and hanging space. Hopefully something like this someday…

What are your must haves or things to avoid in washers + dryers?

Happy Pancake Day!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

It’s pppppppancake day!!! And I’m feeling the excitement of childhood, pancakes for dinner…yippee!

English pancakes are pretty much the same thing as crepes, and in our home we stuck to our favorite toppings: lemon + sugar, butter + jam, golden syrup, nutella and bananas. I like them simple.

However after visiting Roll Up Cafe in Orem the other night, I might be convinced to go a little crazy. Their Break Up crepe was to DIE FOR, with nutella, oreo’s and chocolate ice cream.

These recipes also have caught my eye:

boxwood clippings_whipperberry crepe cake

(Biscoff & Raspberry Crepe Cake over at Whipperberry)

boxwood clippings_kwestiasmaku crepes

(Chocolate Crepes at Kwestiasmaku)

boxwood clippings_martha stewart crepe cake

(Meyer Lemon Crepe Cake from Martha Stewart)

So beautiful.

Be sure to check out our Mum’s recipe HERE, it’s really easy and delish!

boxwood clippings_pancakes

Sarah’s Organization Project: Birthday Cards

Monday, February 11th, 2013

My organization project was really just for the house, but I’ve really caught the bug and nowhere is off limits. :)

Being part of a big family, we have LOTS of birthdays and they are so hard to keep track of. I use THIS system Em blogged about a few years back. But also found having a list somewhere I see daily helps me pop them in the post on time.

Over at The Project Girl, she has a great free printable (see HERE).

Picture 5

I also emailed my family a copy…now there’s no excuse!


Kid Valentine’s Day from Bloggers

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Today we’d like to share a few fab Valentine’s ideas from bloggers designed for the kiddos.

First up is this cute idea from the talented Caroline at Armelle Blog :

boxwoodclippings_armelleblog treasure valentine

Isn’t this adorable? Download the treasure map free printable HERE.

These printables from one charming party are perfect for boys:

boxwoodclippings_onecharmingparty valentines

There are a lot of super cheesy and embarrassing valentines out there for the boys, but these ones are just “dino-mite”.

Lastly, this simple idea from Paper & Pigtails: valentine

Cute paper bags (like these) + sentiment + yummy content.

“You’re sweet”  with any candy inside the baggie is an easy alternative to this one.

What will your kiddos be dishing out this Valentine’s Day?

10 Things You Should Be Buying at Ikea

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Ikea is a haven for girls like us; a maze of goodies and inspiration. But for a lot of people (our husbands) it can be overbearing. That’s why we put together this list of our favorite Ikea essentials that we can’t live without.

boxwood clippings_10 things from ikeaNo. 1: Photo Frame, clean and simple. I used them in my gallery wall (see HERE) remember? And now they’re cheaper than ever at only $1.99.

N0.2: Photo Frame, a little more traditional, equally amazing at $1.99 too.

No.3: Mirror, we have them on both sides of our vanity (see HERE), and use them daily. A steel for only $4.99.

No.4: Small Boxes, for keeping CD’s or any knick knacks in order. 2 for $3.99.

No.5: Curtains, you know we love them. There’s no better deal at $24.99.

No.6: Toilet Brush, holler dollar, that’s exactly what I want to spend on a toilet brush!

No.7: Water Bottle. cute enough to keep on counter, I use it to water my houseplants. $3.99.

No.8: Paper Napkins, always a must for any party or day-to-day. You won’t find this quality cheaper 100 for $2.99.

No.9: Bookshelf, another fave you’ve heard of before. Comes in all colors and sizes and a must for any home. This one is $69.99.

No.10: Large Boxes fits in the expedit bookshelf perfectly, or stacked alone. Big container, small price 2 for $9.99

Of course we tend to buy in white, but most of these pics come in a selection of colours.

What are your Ikea faves? Yes, meatballs are an acceptable answer!

Sarah’s Organization Project: Office Closet

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Yikes, I’m really airing my dirty laundry on this one! This is my office closet. It holds an amazing amount stuff including: diaries, college work, craft supplies, important documents, camera’s and photography equipment just to name few. It’s literally the hub of everything, my Grand Central Station if you will!

This closet has been screaming at me for ages, but finally I tackled it head on, on a cold snowy day.

boxwood clippings_office closet before

As you may or may not be able to see in this photo, there is good start on organization. The problem was there wasn’t enough of it, and clutter began to breed.

I’ve realized that I’m NOT a messy person, but I CAN create mess, when there’s no where for my stuff to go. So putting it simply, I just had to find a home for everything. And I did…

boxwood clippings_office closet after

My first job was detoxing. Throwing away can feel SO great. My recycle bin was full by the end of the day, and I made a good pile of things to donate.

Next, I grouped things together and put them in their own container.

And finally, I labeled all my draws and containers. Not only does that make things easier for me, but anyone else (the hubby) who may need to find something in there. Plus it looks cute, and is my favorite part of this process. :)

Items I’d recommend:

1. File Crate: These stack beautifully and hold a ton. I bought these ages ago because they’re uber cheap (especially around back to school season) about $3 each. They work great for my craft items I like to transport, I just pick up and go!

2. Ikea Boxes: found HERE are great for holding lighter items like fabric and ribbons. 2 for $9.99 is not too shabby!

3. Hooks: found  HERE were my moment of genius! 2 for $2.50 helps me maximize vertical space, and create a home for my camera and laptop.


Project cost: About $13

Project time: Between 4-5 Hours

Project reward: Perfect functionality….yipeeeee!

Target Tuesday: Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

boxwoodclippings_target tuesday

boxwood clippings_red target tuesday

Threshold ombre throw pillow $14.99

Red stipe pillow $19.99

Essie really red nail polish $7.79

Red ikat pouf $39.99

Huffy men’s cruiser $119.99

A favorite red notebook $2.99

Today we are hitting up Target with our sister, Helen who flew in town for a long weekend.  You can always rely on Target to hit the bulls-eye with Target-red Valentine’s loot! What are you loving at Target right now?

Red: The Color of Love (and envy)

Monday, February 4th, 2013

I have tried to be a red person, over and over. Truth? It clashes with my caramel highlights something dreadful. Sarah, with her strawberry-blonde hair also refuses to wear anything pink or red.

Our sister, Helen on the other hand is constantly rocking the red. It compliments her dark brunette hair and porcelain skin perfectly, as well as perfectly accenting her black and white colonial home. She often leaves Sarah and I feeling we lack a little luster…

With the drab, smoggy inversion of Salt Lake City nothing seems more appealing today than a punch of red. Perfect timing for February and Valentines if I do say so…

Passionate, bright, sultry and cheery. Welcome to the month of love…

boxwoodclippings_red and white

boxwood_clippings red

boxwood_clippings red

boxwoodclippings_punchy red

boxwoodclippings_red kitchen

I love these bold rooms, how about that cherry red paint?

I have my eye on my favorite anthro latte bowls in the same color:

boxwoodclippings_anthro latte bowlsI would eat out of these babies all February long. Does anything change around your home for Valentine’s Day?

Congrats to Rachel and Sally Roehm, you are the lucky winners of the Winnie Press Valentine’s Day! Please email us your address and we will mail your card asap-y! (mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com)

Get the Look: Pintuck Duvet Cover

Friday, February 1st, 2013

BOXWOOD CLIPPINGS_get the look_duvet

We LOVE white bedding, but to some of our clients and friends it’s a little too plain for their tastes. That’s why duvet sets like these are great since they add a sense of drama and luxury with the pintuck texture.

We’ve been admiring West Elm pintuck duvet (found HERE) for a while now, but can’t resist Target’s version (see HERE) for about half the price. With savings like that, go ahead and spurge on a couple of cushions too!