3 Steps to Simple Design

A few rays of sunshine this weekend was enough to get me excited for spring, and in the mood to simplify things around here…

boxwoodclippings_simple entry

boxwoodclippings_simple bathroom

boxwoodclippings_white living room

These designs are simple, deliberate and stunning. Here are 3 steps to create a similar look:

#1 Clean Slate: Remove everything you don’t love or need from the room. Organize and store accessories you’ve removed so you can change them out seasonally.

#2 Add staple furniture. Now is the perfect time to re-arrange the furniture. Don’t stop rearranging until it’s both functional and pleasing to you.

#3 Add minimal accessories. Lots of times over-accessorizing can overwhelm and destroy a room. Remember: Less is more! Minimal accessories in earthy, wood tones add zen and warmth to a space. Baskets to store small items, as well as sisal rugs are great for this look, and don’t forget to add a living plant or fresh flowers for the finishing touch.

Breath and enjoy your simplified space all ready for spring!

2 Responses to “3 Steps to Simple Design”

  1. LB Says:

    You’re right, less IS more! I keep downsizing, but I still have room to improve in order to reach my personal zen. Thanks for the tips! I still have work to do on all three steps!! :)

  2. Kimberly Says:

    These are great tips. And love the pictures, great inspiration for your new white house!