House Update

All of a sudden we have a house! It only took a month to frame, roof, insulate, wire and drywall…crazy.

boxwoodclippings_em's house

Don’t mind the single piece of wood holding up the porch :) This is the super ugly phase, but will hopefully look a little better by the time we move in!

We had our first official walk-through last week. Holmes has been amazing at adjusting plans for our specific needs… adding a window here, moving a doorway there…it’s coming along great and I am ecstatic as we are getting closer…

Which leads me on to something a little less exciting…appliances.

Is it ridiculous that I really do want to buy an Electrolux washer/dryer set so I can handle 3 kids/career/birthday parties/messy puppy and ‘be even more amazing’ and just like Kelly Rippa?

boxwoodclippings_eletrolux steam washer/dryer

They totally got me…18 minute wash + dry cycles, sanitize cycle killing 99.9% bacteria, energy-efficient, and beautiful = SOLD!

Am I crazy? Is there really a noticeable difference between a $400 and $1,000 washer?

Do I really need steam? Opinions please, I’m starting to think the laundromat is a good deal compared to these prices!


This is my inspiration picture for the future laundry room…


Shiny, clean and bright with just a little storage and hanging space. Hopefully something like this someday…

What are your must haves or things to avoid in washers + dryers?

4 Responses to “House Update”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I need a soak function; it’s a must with my messy kids. I also think that washing machines with agitators get clothes a lot cleaner than those without. I’m sure the agitators are a bit harder on the clothes though.

  2. Bri Says:

    So exciting….I am in love with the front door! I agree with Andrea about washers that fill up with water and have an agitator. These type of washers are becoming hard to find but we did a lot of research recently. It seems front loaders, while gorgeous, do not get the clothes as clean. Plus, you have to clean the actually washer because there is a seam where dirty water gets stuck. I just don’t need one more thing to clean. Just a thought…..the old school washers seem to be better than the new environmentally friendly onesie specially if you have to run several cycles on ghe front loaders to get your clothes clean.

  3. HollyC Says:

    I saw a DIY for a pull out sweater dryer that I really want when I get my forever home!

    Out of the way when not in use and functional when needed. I’ve seen a few others that look equally useful for drying clothes! I would love a front loading washer/dryer, but not sure I would spend the $$ for the “Kelly Ripa” ones, even though the features sound awesome! Lots of money! Good luck!

  4. LB Says:

    How exciting! Your house looks great–even at this stage. My imagination fills in the rest.

    I also love the dream laundry room. Very nice! I wish I had a good recommendation. I’ve never purchased an expensive set before, but my mid-price set did just fine with my size family. However, I do think appliances are worth the cost to purchase a quality brand if it’s within your budget. :)