Sarah’s Organization Project: Hanging Scarfs

I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE to wear scarfs. However they created quite a problem in my closet until last week when I finally tacked the issue, and I feel much better!

Before, I would hang my scarfs on hangers, which worked ok, but caused a few problems (like when you take a scarf off and the others become off-balanced and sometimes fall down). Plus, it’s not the best looking option.

boxwood clippings_scarf organiztion

Then on a recent trip to Ikea these hooks (see HERE) caught my eye, and they were on clearance from $3.99 to $1.99, not bad for 5 hooks!
boxwood clippings_ikea hooksAnd so I had the hubs hang two behind the closet door, and voila! I’m a happy lady.

Here’s one:

boxwood clippings_organized scarfs


Project cost: About $4

Project time: 15 minutes

Project reward: Prettier closet, and easier access to each scarf…whoot whoot!


2 Responses to “Sarah’s Organization Project: Hanging Scarfs”

  1. LB Says:

    That’s a great solution for your scarves. I like that better than how I solved my own scarf storage system. Maybe I’ll have to rethink my space… :)

  2. Annie Says:

    Great move on the hooks! The most effective way to store scarves I think, by far.