English Lemon Cream Buns Recipe

When we first immigrated to the states little luxuries like popping to the local bakery was terribly missed.

It was out of necessity we figured out how to replicate our favorite treats with American ingredients. This one is super easy and a crowd favorite:

The Lemon Cream Bun:

boxwood clippings_lemon cream buns


12 Rhodes Frozen Rolls

1 Packet  of Jello Instant Lemon Pudding Mix

2 Cups of Milk (to make the pudding)

About 1 Pint of Fresh Whipped Cream

2 Tablespoons of Sugar (to add to cream)

About 2 Cups of Powdered Sugar


Defrost and cook rolls as instructed on bag.

Prep pudding, and set in fridge (instructions on box).

When cooled, slice rolls and spread a thin layer of pudding on each roll like you were making a sandwich.

Then add a healthy dollop of cream and fold top of roll over.

Then, mix about 2 tablespoons of the prepared pudding with the powdered sugar. The mixture should be quite thick so it doesn’t run off the bun, if it’s not add more powdered sugar. Immediately, spread a spoonful on the top of each bun, and spread with the back of the spoon.

Ta Dah, you’re done!

You may think adding pudding and cream to a bun is weird, but trust me it’s delish! And the perfect dessert for an Easter brunch. Will you be giving it a try?

4 Responses to “English Lemon Cream Buns Recipe”

  1. John Says:

    You bake em, I’ll try em! Is a pint of cream enough?

  2. Mrs. Says:

    Made them for my book club yesterday. Delicious and lovely! Looked festive with my tulips, fresh fruit, punch, and crackers and cheese. Simple and got lots of compliments. Cut back on the sugar in the whipped cream, and I thought they were sweet enough. Dollop of icing on top was the finishing touch. Thanks for sharing! I will absolutely be impressing the Mother-in-law with these on Easter.

    Just for fun, can you gals do a typical menu for an English tea? I am familiar with the fancy menu including tea sandwiches, cookies, scones, clotted cream, etc. I am more interested in how tea is served each day, like a regular Monday after school.


  3. Emily Says:

    Mrs. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment. We’re so happy you enjoyed making these and your guests enjoyed them!

    As far as regular tea time goes. On a daily basis, it’s any hot drink and a sweet treat. Ours is usually a hot chocolate and a biscuit such as Cadbury Chocolate Fingers, or Mcvities digestives or Jaffa Cakes . If we know someone will be joining us, a little trip to the local bakery for a lemon bun or bakewell tart is great. Hope this answers your question, we’re not so fancy every day!

  4. LB Says: