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Gift Idea: Bunnies by the Bay

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Are you a still looking for a little something to add to an easter basket? We think these little rabbits by Bunnies by the Bay are pretty much the most adorable thing ever.

They’ve been a family fave for years, and are a ‘go-to’ trusty favorite when it comes to giving gifts.

boxwood clippings_bunnies by the bay


They are so soft and fluffy, and something about their insides make them ‘flop’ ever so cutely. Perfect for babies, kiddies and the forever kid-at-heart!

You can find them HERE,  or if you fancy a snuggle you can see them at Nordstrom. :)

10 Things You Should Be Buying At Crate & Barrel

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Crate and Barrel is our happy place. Not only do they switch things up seasonally, but always have fun finds when it comes to furniture and decor.

However, our real bliss is their kitchen section. Quality professional products have us feeling quite like Ina Garten, plus they don’t break the bank. Here are some things you shouldn’t be living without!
boxwood clippings_10 things you should be buying from crate & barrelNo.1: Mixing Bowls, this set of 10 is only $29.95. Glass bowls always remind me of cooking shows, when all the ingredients are prepped and ready to go. I die over the little ones…”now add the salt”!

No.2: Fondue Set, milky white porcelain is an art form in it’s self. Just add the chocolate and you’re in heaven. On sale now for only $29.95, it’d make a perfect wedding gift don’t you think?

No.3: Cookie Dough Scoop, makes the worst part of making cookies a breeze. At $12.95 it’s worth the investment.

No.4: Ice Cream Scoop, also $12.95, and good for getting those jumbo size cookies looking very professional, or used for ice cream. Very old school, love it!

No.5: Soup Bowl, only $3.50 and makes me feel very New Englandish!

No.6: Working Glass, one of our most favorite products EVER. We use it in cooking, serving, but best of all for saving leftovers. They look so pretty stacked in the fridge. A very simple pleasure and priced at only $2.50.

No.7: Fridge Soda Can Organizer, I couldn’t believe it when Em put this on her wish list for her last birthday. But let me tell ya, I’m converted. $12.95.

No.8: Pie Dish, I’ve raved about it before HERE, it’s still sitting on my wish list! $19.95

No.9: Year of Cookie Cutters, perfect for those with kiddies to keep busy. Cookies for every season sounds like lots of fun and comes in this cute jar. On sale now for only $19.95.

No.10: Mini Spatula Set, also a trusty fave. Can’t imagine life without them. $8.95 and worth every penny!

What are your Crate and Barrel faves? Even their bags makes us giddy!


DIY Cake Stand

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Good morning everyone!

Today we’re excited to announce we’ll also be contributing to one of our favorite blogs 6th Street Design School. Be sure to go and check out our post today where we’ll be sharing this fun DIY!

boxwood clippings_candlestick cakestand diy 2

 See you over there!

Disposable Plastic Tablecloth for Wrapping

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Here at Boxwood we are always trying to explore new ways to wrap gifts. Today I am happy to share one of our new favorites: Disposable tablecloths! You can find them at any grocery or party supply store costing about $3 per large tablecloth.

Believe me when I say this stuff is amazing to wrap with! Here are three different ways I used an aqua tablecloth:

boxwood clippings_table cloth 3 ways 2

As a Filler: I cut squares of tablecloth and put into the gift bag, just like I would tissue paper. Sometimes by the time I get a gift to a party my tissue paper is all smushed and wrinkled…but the plastic holds its shape beautifully. Love!

As Gift Wrap: I used the plastic exactly as I would wrapping paper. The only difference is the plastic is quite translucent, so you have to use a few layers. It is actually easier to wrap up the ends of your present as it doesn’t hold its creases like paper does if you need a re-do. Also, tape sticks to the plastic better than paper.

As Trimming: When cut into strips, the plastic was a cross between rafia/ribbon. it is so fun to work with.

The presents look very polished with their shiny plastic finish, and I can’t wait to give them to their recipients!

With the great price (I only used a fraction of the tablecloth), ease of  wrapping and pretty finish I will be buying many more plastic tablecloths in the future. What do you think?

English Lemon Cream Buns Recipe

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

When we first immigrated to the states little luxuries like popping to the local bakery was terribly missed.

It was out of necessity we figured out how to replicate our favorite treats with American ingredients. This one is super easy and a crowd favorite:

The Lemon Cream Bun:

boxwood clippings_lemon cream buns


12 Rhodes Frozen Rolls

1 Packet  of Jello Instant Lemon Pudding Mix

2 Cups of Milk (to make the pudding)

About 1 Pint of Fresh Whipped Cream

2 Tablespoons of Sugar (to add to cream)

About 2 Cups of Powdered Sugar


Defrost and cook rolls as instructed on bag.

Prep pudding, and set in fridge (instructions on box).

When cooled, slice rolls and spread a thin layer of pudding on each roll like you were making a sandwich.

Then add a healthy dollop of cream and fold top of roll over.

Then, mix about 2 tablespoons of the prepared pudding with the powdered sugar. The mixture should be quite thick so it doesn’t run off the bun, if it’s not add more powdered sugar. Immediately, spread a spoonful on the top of each bun, and spread with the back of the spoon.

Ta Dah, you’re done!

You may think adding pudding and cream to a bun is weird, but trust me it’s delish! And the perfect dessert for an Easter brunch. Will you be giving it a try?