Planting Seeds

Happy Monday everyone!

First off, thanks so much for everyone who left birthday messages for me last week, I had a brilliant day filled with lots of love. I felt spoiled, and loved it! :)

In fact, my friend Bri put together an adorable gift of gardening essentials that quickly inspired me to start thinking about our garden this year. Instantly, I was motivated to plant some seeds.

boxwood clippings_seeds

Picture 12

I haven’t had much luck with seeds in the past. Other than keeping the soil moist and in a sunny place do you guys have any keys to success? I’m basically living on a prayer!

3 Responses to “Planting Seeds”

  1. John Says:

    I have never had much success with the small peat pots – the soil seems to dry out too quickly. Clay pots with cling film over the top retains the moisture better; remove the cling film when the seeds start to shoot.

  2. Annette Says:

    These pots do dry out fast, but I’ve had success with them. Water from the bottom by filling an empty yogurt container and setting the peat pots inside until they are well dampened (maybe five minutes). I just check them frequently enough to make sure they don’t dry out. They need a fairly warm place until they sprout, but they don’t actually need sunlight until they sprout. Once they have germinated make sure they get about 12 hours of light a day. I know, it’s a lot. I have a good book for you if you want more info.

  3. sarah@boxwoodclippings Says:

    thanks you guys, great tips…i’ll take note and keep you posted!