Designing a Playroom

Today we’d like to share a few tips on designing a playroom. By following just a few rules you can ensure a space that both you and your child will love…


When we design a playroom the process starts quite similar to any other room: Surprise! A neutral foundation. However, unlike most of our designs there is no denying that children love color, so we always add a healthy dose in accessories. Light and bright rooms encourage play time, so we also make sure to take advantage of the natural light available, as well as adding lots of lighting fixtures.

Neutral room + bright bunting and rug

boxwoodclippings_neutral play room + bright


Storage is incredibly important in a playroom. Every item should have a home to eliminate clutter and create a happy environment. Closet organizers to utilize existing storage or adding additional storage, with bookshelves, storage totes and baskets are a must. Our beloved, Expedit is usually our number choice and is a very affordable option.

boxwoodclippings_expedit in


The most important function of a playroom is to have open space, and this is often the first problem we notice when we start a project. It is so important to have open space where kids can pull out and run around in. With adequate storage only large items should be left on the floor to maximize every inch of open space. We usually add soft rugs and floor pillows to create a soft, inviting environment and also encourage a toy rotation schedule so the space is not cluttered and the child doesn’t tire of the same toy every day.

Open space + rug + poufs

boxwoodclippings_open play area

We hope you find these tips helpful! Please email us at mail [at] boxwoodclippings [dot] com if you need help designing and/or organizing a play space for your family.

3 Responses to “Designing a Playroom”

  1. LB Says:

    So cute! I am partial to the room decorated with flags… but, I may change my mind tomorrow. I also really love the aqua room. Your blog is always filled with great inspiration. Thanks!

  2. christina Says:

    I love the colorful rug! Where did you find it?

  3. Emily Says:

    Hi Christi, the picture is from Hopefully they will be able to source it for you.