Cheapo Sunglasses

Em prefers her designer shades, but I’m such a fan of cheapo sunglasses. I like how stress-free they are, and it doesn’t matter if they get lost or scratched.

Plus they are so fun to switch out with different outfits, or plant in different locations. There’s always a pair in my glove box, and by my keys.

These are a few I’ve had my eyes on this season:

boxwood clippings_cheapo sunglasses


 [Charlotte Russe ones found HERE / Target ones HERE / Forever 21 ones HERE.]

So which theory do you favor: one designer, or lots of cheapos?

One Response to “Cheapo Sunglasses”

  1. Katie Says:

    Cheapos. I can always have a pair to hand – in the car glovebox, in my bag, wherever – and I don’t get stressed about losing them or accidentally sitting on them!