Gift Idea: Herb Housewarming Gift

Last week our best friend, Bri came to check out the new abode with her two kidlets. I don’t know how this woman even has an extra second to be so cute, but she brought me over the most perfect housewarming gift of herbs wrapped in burlap:

boxwood clippings_new home herb gift

It was just what I needed to add some life to the house and to get me in to the kitchen. Such a great housewarming present right?! It would also work wonderfully as a hostess gift. Thanks a million Mamasita ;)

5 Responses to “Gift Idea: Herb Housewarming Gift”

  1. Terri clayton Says:

    So thoughtful, and useful!

  2. Bri Says:

    Xoxo Best wishes in new beautiful home…

  3. LB Says:

    I agree, this is a clever and perfectly chosen housewarming gift. :)

  4. Maggie Ames Says:

    Where did she buy them? I’d love to get these for my chef son.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Maggie, she got the herbs from a garden center and wrapped them in burlap herself. :)