Little Beauties: Caldrea Soaps

Our kind friends over at Caldrea sent us a couple of samples to try, and boy did I fall in love with their Blackcurrant Mint.

Blackcurrant is a favorite flavor of the British Isles, so the smell brings me back to my childhood summer days. Isn’t it funny how scents can have that reminiscent effect? I feel an extra bounce in my step with every hand wash!

boxwood clippings_caldrea

If you want to see how England smells to me, pick up a bottle. Even better, they’re on sale at Target this week, $6.79 for the hand soap and $5.09 for the dish.

Plus I just adore the packaging, blue fits right in with my kitchen decor! Do you ever buy such products on looks alone?

3 Responses to “Little Beauties: Caldrea Soaps”

  1. Miranda Says:

    Blackcurrant is my FAVE. I’m from NZ so that practically makes us cousins right?! Any blackcurrant anything I can find at World Market I buy because of the comfort the flavor and smell it brings

  2. LB Says:

    For Mother’s Day, I tried black current chocolate. Yum! I agree, black currant is fantastic!! I’ll have to try black current and mint soap.

  3. Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage Says:

    I buy the JR Watkins hand soap because I adore the packaging. Much easier to buy a cute bottle of hand soap than transfer soap into a pretty bottle.
    Black current just sounds like such a yummy smell! :)