Look for Less: Bathroom Vanity Lights

Ever since we moved into our house back in ’07, I’ve been wanting to change out the builder grade lighting. The vanity lights were on top of that list, but all the ones I fell in love with were more than I wanted to pay.

That is until we found these little beauties at the Home Depot last week:

boxwood clippings_home depot vanity lights

2 Light vanity sconce only $24.88

boxwood clippings_home depot vanity lights

3 Light vanity sconce only $26.88


Similar looking fixtures are going for a lot more, look at these:

boxwood clippings_vanity lights

Although lovely, this one is $129 at Pottery Barn

boxwood clippings_vanity lights

And this one is $149 at Restoration Hardware

For 1 of PB or RH fixtures I could have about 5 of the Home Depot versions; more than enough to switch out all the vanities in my whole house. I’m convinced, so’s Em…are you on board?

The only question is, do you prefer the 2 lights or 3? I’m still debating!

(HERE’S what my bathroom looks like now.)

4 Responses to “Look for Less: Bathroom Vanity Lights”

  1. John Says:

    May as well go for the three lights as there is only $2 difference, and the extra bulb will make a huge difference – bright and light against a white wall.

  2. HollyC Says:

    I would go for three as well, same reason, more light! I’ve been wanting to change my lights as well, but same problem, all the ones I like are too spendy!! Now we’re trying to sell, so these would be perfect! Way better than the beauty bulb strips we have now! :/

  3. Melissa Says:

    I’d say 3 as well. I like the overall look of that better, but also you can’t go wrong with more light!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Thanks for the comments, you’ve sold me on 3!