My Top 3 Favorite Tips found on Pinterest

Over the last 2 years, Pinterest has squeezed it’s self into my everyday life. It’s an amazing resource of visual overload and inspiration, but also full of fascinating tips and tricks I can’t believe I ever lived without!

These are my top 3 life changing tips!

Placing a wooden spoon over pan when cooking pasta:

boxwood clippings_wooden spoon over pan

Somehow this prevents the boiling water not to spill over, incredible right? The bubbles fold over the top and not down the pan. Obviously, still be cautious and keep a close eye on the heat and pan!


Ironing ribbon with a hair straightener:

boxwood clippings_real simple flat iron ribbon

I always felt guilty throwing away bits ribbon that I receive on gift wrap, but because it was winkled from bows it was unlikely I could put it to use. This was a real ahha moment to see I could just swipe it through my hair straightener, it totally gives the ribbon new life good enough to reuse.

(Although seen on Pinterest, but originally posted by Real Simple HERE.)


Easy way to clean panini press:

boxwood clippings_steam clean

After use, unplug the press and place a damp paper towel in it. This steam cleans then all you need to do is wipe with another towel when it’s cooled.


What are you guys finding over at Pinterest?

We just love the quick fixes, and doable projects please share.


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One Response to “My Top 3 Favorite Tips found on Pinterest”

  1. Harmony Says:

    I also iron skirt hems, collars, shirt hems with a flat iron. It is life changing.