Bacon and Blue Cheese Lettuce Wedge

Today, I’d like to share the easiest salad. It makes the perfect appetizer for any main course, is fresh and rich at the same time and easy to adapt to your personal taste.

boxwood clippings_bacon and blue salad

What You’ll Need:

Iceberg Lettuce



Blue Cheese Crumbles

Blue Cheese Dressing


Wash and cut the lettuce head in four to create a wedge. Drizzle dressing and then crumble tomatoes, blue cheese, and bacon over the lettuce wedge. Wallah and you’re done!

Iceberg is the perfect base to add any of your favorite flavors, so the possibilities are endless for those who don’t love blue cheese. Our favorite sub is Feta cheese and Feta dressing (we like Trader Joe’s dressing).

This salad has a huge wow factor and believe me when I say Iceberg lettuce never tasted so good!!!

3 Responses to “Bacon and Blue Cheese Lettuce Wedge”

  1. LB Says:

    Yum! I L-O-V-E blue cheese!! Bacon too?! What a combination! Thanks!!

  2. chrissy Says:

    Wedge salads are my favorite! However, I leave off the bacon because I am not a fan of bacon and I add onion as a replacement.

  3. Sarah Says:

    ooooh Chrissy that onion sounds delish!