Bathroom Countertop Organization

Bathrooms are one of those rooms that get messy really fast, especially the counter space. By my having the products I use the most often displayed on the counter, they get put away quickly and still look presentable…

boxwood clippings_bathroom organizing

boxwood clippings_bathroom organization

I’ve never been a fan of bathroom accessories (overpriced and too granny), and prefer to use things from the kitchen. Glasses and plates work double duty in our house.

With products that don’t’ have the best packaging I simply tear off the label to look more uniformed; a little crazy I know, but hey it only takes a second and looks way better!

Do you have vanity tips? Like how to stop your husband from splashing on mirror!? Do tell!

5 Responses to “Bathroom Countertop Organization”

  1. Ofelia, from México City Says:

    I used to tear off labels I don´t like so much too, but sometimes it took me more than a second because here, in México City, there are no so good products for that task. I recently used cold cream and hot air but plastic bottles was a little damaged.

  2. Sarah Says:

    ofelia, that’s quite a science! yup here the ones on my contact solution just come off clean as anything :)

  3. LB Says:

    This is a great idea! I love clean counters and this fits that requirement with added function.

  4. Janna Says:

    I’m with you on pretty packaging. If it’s ugly it goes into a basket out of sight. Wish I knew how to stop the splashing on the mirror-I keep paper towels/cleaner nearby so when the kids are in the tub I can do a quick wipe down, since I’m there anyways.

  5. Rachel Mora Says:

    My husband splashes on the mirror on a daily basis and it drives me bananas!!! So I keep a package of windex wipes under the sink…they’re so convenient, and take up little space. ;)