DIY Metal Cake Stand

On my last trip to Ikea I spied a few items to use this idea for Kimberly’s baby shower.

candlestick + hot glue + plate = very cute cake stand

boxwood clippings_diy metal cakestand

boxwood clippings_diy metal cakestand 2

Large Cake Stand: $15 ($9.99 candlestick, $4.99 plate)

Small Cake Stand: $7 ($4.99 candlestick base, $1.99 plate)

These cakestands look great and cost a lot less than buying a comparible sized cake stand. I also bought extra plates to use as magnetic boards on our plate wall. Love Ikea! Have you been loving anything from Ikea recently?

  1. This is a beautiful idea! Your blog is full of so many. Are you guys on bloglovin? I would love to become a follower.

  2. Love these cake stands. I have been widening my creativity with items from other stores. I think I will pay Ikea a visit to see if anything inspires me. Thanks for this idea.

  3. How long ago did you find these plates? I went online for Ikea and I can’t find them. I want them soooo bad.

    • Hi Candace, we bought these a few years ago, but I’m pretty sure in store they still have them!

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