Great Gifts for Baby

We are two baby-crazy sisters. We are both dying to be mummy’s and are loving anything small and cute. We’ve been researching so many baby things and have collected a list of favorite go-to gifts for all of the new babies in our lives. Here is our top five:

boxwoodclippings_swaddle designs blanket

Swaddle Designs receiving blankets make our number one spot! We buy them at Nordstrom with complimentary gift wrap for an easy gift, as well as buying them in bulk directly from their website. We always make sure to check for deals in their clearance section here. Nothing is cuter than a baby swaddled up and ready for a snuggle, especially in such a cute blanket.  Everyone raves about how much perfect they are. Learn about the benefits of swaddling here.

boxwoodclippings_ralph lauren baby night gown

We’re obsessed with Ralph Lauren night gowns. Not only are they gorgeous, but the baby can wear these gowns until they are a year or so as opposed to a normal jammies that they grow out of so fast. They also make for a super quick diaper change in the night – so much easier than having to snap all those snappers!

boxwoodclippings_bunnies by the bay bunnies

Bunnies by the Bay: The softest, cutest baby toy you will ever find. Read Sarah’s bunny post here.

boxwoodclippings_manhattan wooden baby beads

Manhattan Toy Classic Toy Beads: Fun wooden toy for baby that can double as a funky bracelet for momma.

boxwoodclippings_baby mocs

We still love baby mocs for a stylish and soft way to keep your babies tiny feet warm.

We hope this gives you a few ideas for next time you are baby shopping. What’s your favorite gift to give for a baby?

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  1. LB Says:

    Those “Bunnies by the Bay” are too cute!