10 Things for an Easy Party

We had such a nice blogging break to spend time with the family and our new adorable niece, Catherine. We are two very proud aunties! We are refreshed and renewed and ready for some major blogging! We’re starting off the week with our basic party…


We’ve had more than a few occasions where we’ve had to pull off in impromptu party at the last minute. Over the years we’ve learned to have just a few items on hand to create an atmosphere for a gathering in no time at all…

boxwood clippings_10 things you should have on hand for a party

#1 Cafe Lights. As you know we’re huge fans of ambiance lighting, and a party of course is no exception. These lights will always look great no matter what setting and are definitely worth the small investment (they’re also great at Christmas wrapped around fresh garlands).

#2 Classic White Plates. Our mother taught us “white goes with everything”. No matter what your party theme may be, basic white dessert plates, platters and cake stands are always a good idea. Even when we opt for plastic cutlery and linens, a party won’t feel tacky if you use proper plates.

#3 Chinese Lanterns. We’ve been using these for years, put up a few and you have an instant party. So easy to store, reuse and very affordable.

#4, 5 Wooden Pegs and twine. Use with napkins to make the easiest banner ever. Pegs are also great to have on hand if you want really easy favors.

#6 Music. Next to lighting, background music should be a top priority. Have play lists of your favorite songs ready to go to  set the tone for your party.

#7 Tea lights. Put them in votives, every day glasses, old jars or wrap washi tape around them. They make a room come alive, So versatile, and inexpensive.

#8 Wrapping Paper Runners. We always use wrapping paper as runners for our party tables. It can add a huge punch of color can be tossed away at the end of the night instead of worrying about punch stains on your tablecloth.

#9 Colorful Napkins. Napkins are another easy way to add a little color and the thought of trying to keep dozens of cloth napkins clean exhausts us just thinking about it.

#10 Disposable Water Bottles. With a large crowd someone is bound to spill their drink. Bottles are a must for no-spill casual affair. We’ve found you can go through dozens of plastic cups in a few hours, even with a smaller crowd. Bottles are easier for people to keep at their side, and they make for an easy clean up into the recycle bin. No more polishing glasses til 3 am in the morning!


Do you have any party prep tips you use time and again?

We hope our tips will help your next party be a little less stressful and help you enjoy yourself a little more!

3 Responses to “10 Things for an Easy Party”

  1. John Says:

    Always ready to go with these items in stock!

  2. LB Says:

    I need to invest in good cafe lighting. I also would like to get some white paper lanterns. I have them in various shades of blue-green, but that’s kind of limiting. White is always good. Thanks for the tips! :)

  3. elisa Says:

    I admired all things you create