10 Things You Should Be Buying From The Dollar Tree

You know how much we love the Dollar Tree but not everything in there is worthy of a dollar.

Here are 10 things that most certainly are….

Boxwood Clippings_10 things you should be buying from the dollar store

No. 1 Toiletries: deodorant, cotton balls, and even imported soap from our Mother land, quite impressive for $1.

No.2 Balloons: I love giving a bouquet of balloons, and this is the place to go. Foil ones (filled) $1 each, regular come in a pack.

No. 3 Stationary: These mini clip boards are adorable. Tape and envelopes are also on my list.

No. 4: Light bulbs: I know this is not green friendly, but I really really dislike LED bulbs I much prefer the old fashioned ones, 3 for $1. (Don’t worry, I’m very environmentally friendly in other areas :)

No. 5: Disposable Diaper Bags: in England we call these ‘nappy sacks’ and EVERY MOTHER uses them in her nappy changing routine. Here, the only place we’ve seen them in the Dollar Tree, they are amazing at keeping nasty smells away. They are even handy for those of us with out kids, we keep them in the car and us them as mini trash bags, so handy!

No.6: Ribbon: Grosgrain is my fave. 5 yards for $1 holler!

No.7: Jars: We’ve talked about them before HERE, we just love them!

No.8: Vases: Also, mentioned HERE, so versatile.

No.9: Disposable Table Wear: Perfect for incorporating colour in a party, and makes for an easy clean up.

No.10: Wrapping Paper: Brown is a perfect neutral, but if you want an assortment of colours it’s also the place to shop.

If you’re on a budget and feel like you need a shopping spurge it’s a good place to go, you can go crazy and not feel guilty at all :)


6 Responses to “10 Things You Should Be Buying From The Dollar Tree”

  1. LB Says:

    There’s a dollar store near my new home… yeah! I’m looking forward to having one in my neighborhood. :)

  2. Kimberly Says:

    I did not realize you can find ribbon there. Great post, very useful.

  3. Brenda Says:

    I actually have those exact jars pictured above, and they are great!

  4. Kim Says:

    I buy most of these items there! Great reminders that having good things is possible on a budget!

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  6. michele Says:

    Everything under the sun !! Some things like was mentioned aren’t worth buying . But i would give the $1 trees that i go to , 95 out of 100% .

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