$8 Ikea Shelves

I am a lucky girl that I live just a few minutes from Ikea, it’s like someone was planning it or something (wink, wink).

Last time I was there I was blown a way with the prices of these $3 brackets with this $2 shelf. They just had to come home.

boxwood clippings_$8 ikea shelves

I decided to put them up on our kitchen island for easy access to our mixing bowls (I meaning Brad). I love the basic shape and added storage, but most of all love the $8 price tag!

Thanks Ikea for another steal of a deal!

4 Responses to “$8 Ikea Shelves”

  1. Barb @ A Life in Balance Says:

    There’s just something about Ikea’s clean design. I love the white bowls, too. You can never have too many mixing bowls.

  2. LB Says:

    Wow, great price for such a nice looking shelf!

  3. Mandy S. Says:

    I went to IKEA just to get these shelves after seeing this and chickened out because I didn’t know how to attach the bracket to the shelf! How do you have yours attached?

  4. Emily Says:

    Great question Mandy, if you look closely I used command strips – the velcro kind to stop the shelves from slipping. Apparently it’s a normal thing to drill a screw through the shelf and into the bracket to secure it in place, but I was too scared! Yet another reason I love my handy-dandy command strips!