It’s National What Day?

Random national days are kinda my fave. Especially when they involve me or something I love. :)

I found out recently that today is National Middle Child’s Day, and I thought it was worth a mention since I am the middle child of this lot…

boxwood clippings_family photo

Although middle child syndrome is usually a bad thing, I love my family positioning. Right in the middle keeps me in touch with all sorts of drama, emotions, politics and all that good stuff. But hey it’s hard work being in the middle, I think I deserve a donut or something!

So go ahead and celebrate your middle children. And to all you middle kids out there (including you Hel who I technically share the spot with, although you are the oldest girl so doesn’t really count!)…


Maybe next year I’ll throw a party for us all :)

One Response to “It’s National What Day?”

  1. LB Says:

    Happy middle-child day! Celebrate!!