Shopping for a Dorm Room on a Budget

When me and Em were at BYU we’d make special trips to California to go shopping at Ikea. Their perfect blend of style and prices can not be beaten, it’s simply the best possible place for students to shop.

If I were living in a dorm today, these are the items I’d be buying, aren’t they adorbs?!

boxwood clippings_budget dorm room

No.1 Plant + Pots / No.2 Over-the-door Hooks / No.3 Bookcase / No.4 Chalkboard / No.5 Bedding / No.6 Throw / No.7 Lamp / No.8 Photo frames / No.9 Table / No.10 Magazine File/ No.11 Big Boxes

Oh to be 18 again!

One Response to “Shopping for a Dorm Room on a Budget”

  1. LB Says:

    Wow, you can even make a dorm room stylish! I’m impressed. :)