Affordable Baby Basics (From England, with Free Shipping)

The baby bug is in full swing over here. I spend my days dreaming of my two little bebe’s: how will I feed two babies at the same time, burp, change etc…my escape from all the research is online shopping, and picturing my two little love bugs all snuggled up in soft gorgeous newborn clothing…aweeeee.

boxwood clippings_marks and spencer's baby basics

I was browsing some of our favorite British shops was getting pretty homesick when I saw what cute baby products they had, and for SO cheap. I phoned Mum to tell her my finds when she told me Marks + Spencer offers FREE SHIPPING to the US….What?! Major whoot!!! Even with the exchange rate, these baby basics are way more affordable than even carters, and way cuter I must say.

Click HERE to see my favorite assortment.

Let’s compare for a moment. THESE all-in-one sleepsuits are around $26 for a set of 2 at Gap, and only around $12.50 for THIS set of 3 at Marks + Spencer, that’s about $4.12 per suit instead of $13 AND you get FREE SHIPPING.

Put simply, if your in the market for baby clothes, shopping across the pond will be your thrifty option. And that’s a holler my friends!


(To order, just go ahead and fill out all your info, and it should take off shipping automatically once it detects US address, no code needed)

4 Responses to “Affordable Baby Basics (From England, with Free Shipping)”

  1. katy Says:

    do they sell mark and spencer at target?

  2. Sarah Says:

    Katy, no they don’t. They are only in there own stores. The shipping is free and fast. Mum ordered some goodies for me on Friday, and they came today!

    LB, Marks + Spencer has some really great things. You can feel confident in ordering knowing there quality is up there.

  3. LB Says:

    I had so much fun checking out the Marks and Spencer site. They have some amazing deals with great style. The free shipping means I’ll be checking them out for Christmas and birthday gifts from now on. Thanks!

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