Black Interior Doors

We had a very rainy weekend with the temperature finally dropping all the way down into the 60’s! Time to cozy things up around here. Candles and extra throw blankets, check! Next up, this very white entryway…

boxwood clippings_em's hallway

Our front door is painted black on the outside and I’m dying to paint it on the back side too. Look how great these black doors look:




…and while we’re at it I think we need to do our french doors too!

boxwoodclippings_black french doors

How do you feel about black interior doors?

  1. Love it Em! I think it will look beautiful! Just make sure to use the right paint so it doesn’t chip off. Great idea!

  2. I really like the idea of the interior and exterior of the door in black. I think it will look wonderful! I hope you post some pics when you’re finished.

  3. These photos look beautiful. I wish that I was that brave. My home is missing that “wow” factor. Adding a black interior door would definitely add high contrast chic. The good news is that if you don’t love it, you can always paint it again.

  4. I have the paint to do mine, all of them, now I just need the time!! I think they look classy!

  5. Melissa-you’re an inspiration, looks great! John-I think I’m going to be brave! Bri-Thanks for the tip, chipping paint would be horrid. Christina-Thanks for your confidence, I’ll for sure post pics. LB-Hopefully I can help you be brave too. Holly C-Doing all of your doors will make such a huge impact, the time will be worth it! Thanks everyone for your support! -Emily

  6. When I needed a no-chip paint, I used a marine boat paint. Very successful in a high use kitchen cupboards

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  8. Hi Emma, not sure where you can find this exact light, but I saw similar lights today at Ballard Design. Good luck with your search!