DIY Mystery Footprints

boxwood clippings_halloweenWhen we were little our Gran would throw a party every year for her Birthday and Halloween. She went all out with decor, which always included silhouettes of footprints creeping up the walls and ceilings.

boxwood clippings_diy black footprints up stairs_halloween

We made our own version this year by making a stencil from outlining one of Brad’s shoes onto black craft paper and staggering them up the wall with tack.

Brad thought it was weird and creepy..exactly what I was going for! I might creep myself out too much to have these in the house until Halloween, but perfect for a party don’t you think? How would your household react?

2 Responses to “DIY Mystery Footprints”

  1. LB Says:

    This would be a huge hit at my house! It sure beats the life-sized photo stand-up of Tom Hanks (from the movie promotion for Terminal) which lurked in various rooms in our house. It became a running gag to see where we’d find him lurking in the house. Freaky, but oh, so fun!

  2. DIY Bat Garland Says:

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