Holler Dollar: Cutest Toblerone Ever!

Toblerone chocolate is simply some of the best around. Although the giant bars they sell at the airport get me giddy with one look, there’s something about the mini miniature version that has me dying with it’s cutness. Awe!

These run around $1.25 at Target, but I was happy to see them this week at my local Dollar Tree, yippee!

boxwood clippings_mini toblerone

Only the size of a pencil, the triangle pieces are adorbs!
boxwood clippings_mini toblerone

Such a perfect little gift for just $1, don’t you think?!


Question: If you saw a giant bar of chocolate abandoned but unopened, would you pick it up? This happen to Em and I three years ago in London, and we were quite hysterical about our unexpected treat!


One Response to “Holler Dollar: Cutest Toblerone Ever!”

  1. LB Says:

    Cute and perfectly sized Toblerone! As for the abandoned treat… you two are braver than me. ;)