A Cozy Chandelier

In attempts to cozy things up around our house for winter I dressed up our basic chandelier in the dining room with these little lamp shades.

boxwood clippings_cozy fall dinning room

They cost $5.97 each, which is a better price than anywhere else I looked both in stores and online. It completely changes the lighting in our room from bright harsh light to a soft glow and just looks more layered in general. So worth the money for a complete transformation in room environment. Lighting always makes such an impact!

These lamp shades would also work great to update an older chandelier, rather than buying a whole new light.

The same shades in black are on clearance for 1.97! I might have to get these ones too!

boxwood clippings_cozy fall dinning room

I am getting very excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas, how about you?

boxwood clippings_cozy fall dinning room

3 Responses to “A Cozy Chandelier”

  1. D'Nese Says:

    So very pretty. Love it! Where did you get your lantern? Perfect color for the fall time.

  2. LB Says:

    The shades make a big difference. I really like them in cream, but the black would look good too. (ps… I’m mad about the chalkboard! It is so fun and brings back many fond childhood memories. We had a chalkboard by our retro booth-style kitchen table. Good times.)

  3. Brea Says:

    I love that chalkboard sign!