State Pride Gift Ideas

I just finished watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, have you guys seen it? I really enjoyed it. Y’all, I just love their accents! Even though I already knew Texas has some major state pride, it surprised me how much, and got me thinking…we could all do with more of that!

State gifts can be great for anyone tricky on your list, as they are personal without being personalized!


Here’s a few products that feature Utah that I’m dying over:

This necklace is adorable, available in every state in gold or silver.

boxwood clippings_utah dogeared necklace



This Natural Dugway Geode is from Utah wayyyyyyy back in the day, and can be found now at Nordstrom of all places for only $12!

boxwood clippings_utah geode


These state prints are also at Nordies, and come in every state:

boxwood clippings_state prints


Every state has their flava, and I LOVE Utah’s Salt Water Taffy, found HERE, starting at $2.50 a box

boxwood clippings_sweets taffy

Do you love these products as much as I do? Go Utah, I love ya baby!

(Oh, my State Pride just kicked in!)

3 Responses to “State Pride Gift Ideas”

  1. Plum Pretty Sugar Says:

    To adore! Love these pretty products with such spirit and pride!


  2. LB Says:

    I love the geode! What a fantastic price!!

  3. Kimberly Says:

    Great post, really fun finds. Thanks!