Croque Monsieur Recipe

Oh man, did we make the most delicious lunch this week! The cheesy treat is the epitome of comfort food, just what the doctor ordered for a cold January day!

boxwood clippings_croque monsieur recipe

Here’s our spin on Croque Monsieur:

Sandwich bread
8 slices of deli ham
1 c grated cheese
1 tbsp butter
1.5 tbsp flour
1 c milk
Dijon mustard

First we made a basic white sauce by melting butter on medium low heat and then adding flour and whisking together. Next we turned down the heat to low and added the milk. We continually whisked the mixture until the milk thickened and finally added 1/2 c cheese, turned off the heat and seasoned with salt and pepper. Next we toasted the bread, spread mustard on each slice and layered a slice of ham. On half of the slices we topped the ham with a tablespoon of cheese sauce and sandwiched the non -sauce slices on top sandwich style. Lastly, we covered the top of the sandwich with cheese sauce, sprinkled cheese on top and broiled the sandwiches until the cheese sauce bubbled and cheese melted.

This recipe makes about 4 sandwiches and we are dying over how simple and delicious it is! You could use any cheese and customize to your family’s likes. We made Emily’s gluten free by using g- free bread and subbing flour for corn starch.

Bon appetite!

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