Valentine’s Day Wish-list

Thank goodness for something wonderful in February! I look forward to the month of love every winter. Here’s a few things I am dreaming about…

boxwood clippings_valentine's wish list

1. Robe: This ‘sweet love and yonderflies’ robe from Pretty Plum Sugar is just the ticket to take me out of the winter blues. Feminine and romantic is just what I need!

2. Cream Blush: My skin is lacking a lot of luster as of late. This multiple stick from Nars is supposed to bring an automatic ‘dewy’ look to any wind-blown face.

3. Scent: This perfume is one of my every day favorites right now, cannot beat that price tag!

4. Flowers: Cliche for V-day, I know but I appreciate flowers in the winter months more than any other time of year. Bringing beautiful blooms inside in the depth of winter does something wonderful for the soul. Time to treat ourselves to a bunch from Costco I think :)

5. Earrings: Sometimes I just need a new pair of earrings to feel like a new woman. These studs are classic, sparkly and a steal…three of my favorite things.

6. Superbalm: I wore this on our wedding day and always make a point of wearing it for Valentine’s and our anniversary to remind me of our special day. Perfect for winter chapped lips.

This would be my perfect recipe for prepping for Valentine’s day this year. What are you dreaming about this January?

2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Wish-list”

  1. Plum Pretty Sugar Says:

    Oh my Emily, thank you so very much for your review of our Plum Pretty Sugar robes! We love being part of your Valentine’s Day Gift Wish List.


  2. LB Says:

    This robe idea looks so soft and lovely. I’ll have to check out Plum Pretty Sugar. Thanks.