Interior Design: A Hint of Black

It’s no secret that black is my favorite color. It’s chic, timeless and classic. I love the way just a hint can add drama and sophistication to any space. Here’s an idea of what I mean…

black bench + iron doors

a hint of black entryway

black accents + basket-weave tile

hint of black bathroom

black linens

hint of black bedroom

black frames + dining chairs + throw pillows + rug

a hint of black family room

 bold black paint

hint of black hallway

black inner shelves

hint of black den

 Do I have you convinced yet that black is the best?

Check out all of my favorite ‘hint of black’ rooms here.

3 Responses to “Interior Design: A Hint of Black”

  1. Terri clayton Says:

    The hallway shot looks just like Helen’s house!

  2. Melanie Says:

    Black is my favorite color too!

  3. LB Says:

    I enjoyed visiting your High Contrast board on Pinterest. Lovely!