Packing for Hospital: Snack Tin

I wasn’t even going to bother posting about this, but Em got a kick out of it and thought I should. So here we are, our hospital snack tin!

boxwood clippings_packing for hospital: snack tin

There’s so much I can’t predict with the coming of two babies, so little unknowns such as: what will Brock snack on at the hospital?, is no longer a mystery when I have a tin all prepped and ready to go!

I figured I’d cover all the cravings: sweet, savory and salty. Our tin of goodies includes: bbq goldfish, raspberry cookies, granola bars, chocolate, shortbread, beef jerky, pretzels, m&m’s, and the most importantly, mints and gum.

Insane as it may sound, this prepped tin of calories help calm my stressed head!

Do you guys have any quirky things you’d like to share? This is the post is the time to do it! ;)

8 Responses to “Packing for Hospital: Snack Tin”

  1. Garth Braithwaite Says:

    Each time we’ve had a baby Jamie’s high school friend brings her a shake from Sonic to the hospital. Amazing how in the chaos of the new sleeping schedule and friends visiting, how comforting a shake can be.

  2. Katie Says:

    Love it Sarah! I have a few snacks at the ready to take in, but will no doubt be sending out for things I fancy if I’m in longer than anticipated (hospital food is not great)!

  3. Helen Says:

    I burst out laughing when I saw this! You are overly prepared, if there is such a thing! Warning on the peanuts. The smell makes me gag while in labor!

  4. Miranda M Says:

    I LOOOOVED the hospital food! The fact that they bring it up to you like room service doesn’t hurt either and you get to ask for more whenever :)

  5. Amber Says:

    Brilliant Idea!! I wish we’d had thought of this. Allan only had half a left over sandwich and I had to ask the midwife for some of her own gum!! Looking forward to hearing about your adventure and seeing pics of the girls :) xxx

  6. John Says:


  7. LB Says:

    What a great idea! :)

  8. Betsy Says:

    I have to agree that I love the hospital food since I don’t have to prepare it and it just comes whenever you want it! This is a great idea though so you can be sure and have stuff you for sure like! So excited for your sweet baby girls to get here!