Red Board on Pinterest

Our sissy, Hels Bells has always been the one to rock the red.

We are never quite as keen. Why is it that you either seem to love this colour or hate it? Recently I’ve been seeing the joys this vibrant colour can bring, and enjoying and bold ‘pop’ here and there.

How do these images make you feel? Are you in love?

boxwood clippings_red kitchen aid

boxwood clippings_red door

boxwood clippings_red silver cross dolls pram

boxwood clippings_red bag

boxwood clippings_red pants

Red pants for Valentine’s Day, yes please!

All images found via Helen’s Pinterest page, click HERE to see more!

2 Responses to “Red Board on Pinterest”

  1. maryann Says:

    Kitchen, front door, and bag – yes!
    Baby carriage and pants – uh no thank you…

  2. LB Says:

    Oh, yes, I fully embrace the color red. I even changed my hair color back to red.