Egg Cups

When we were little, we would love soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. We are pretty sure this is an English things as we’ve never heard of Americans using egg cups for the soft-boiled eggs?

Mostly, we just use egg cups for decoration these days. Here are a few we are loving…

boxwood clippings_egg cups


1. The basic white porcelain egg cup, only $3.69 for 4! Found HERE.

2. Metal egg cups, set of 6 $4.99. Found HERE.

3. This bunny one is adorable and simple, again such a good price $3.95. Found HERE.

4. This wooden one HERE.

Do you like egg cups? What do you use them for?

4 Responses to “Egg Cups”

  1. Garth Braithwaite Says:

    Same. We had soft boiled eggs and we dipped in strips of toast. My parents called them buffy fingers. No idea if it’s a South African or Braithwaite family thing.

  2. Suzann Says:

    We love soft boiled eggs. My family never had it, but it was a staple in my husband’s (German) family.

  3. LB Says:

    I inherited the most lovely English china egg cups. They are such a treat to use on special occasions. However, I’d definitely enjoy using every day cups. #1 is my favorite.

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