Walmart Mainstays Pillows

In our family, we have people who needs to wipe their brow the instant the sun peaks out from a cloud, or who form beads of sweat from simple, light exercise. We call these loveable family members “sweaty heads”. Sweaty heads, you know we love you! I love sweaty heads so much, I even married one.

The combination of sweaty heads and my slight germ-a-phobia from working in the medical field so long have me utterly grossed out by pillows. Even though I have a sanitation cycle on my washer, I’ve never successfully washed a pillow without it coming out lumpy and weird, which lead me to these:

boxwoodclippings_walmart mainstays deep pocket pillows $2.50

Walmart’s Mainstay Deep Pocket Pillow

These pillows are only $2.50 each! They are awesome for the price, are hypoallergenic, and extra soft, making them perfect for stomach sleepers. They are so inexpensive that I replace my sweaty head’s pillow every month, and I don’t have to be grossed out by old pillows. I also try to keep a few extra on hand for guests, and as my local wally-world often runs out I like to have a little stock pile.

If you have any sweaty heads in your family, you may want to give these pillows a try!

How do you keep your pillows fresh and clean? Do you have any little housekeeping tips to share, we’d love to hear what tricks you keep up your sleeve!

4 Responses to “Walmart Mainstays Pillows”

  1. nancy Says:

    I add vinegar to the “bleach” area of my detergent dispenser in my washer when I wash my whites and pillows. You might also try this pinned recipe…
    but for $2.50 a pillow I just might be tempted to replace mine monthly as well :)

  2. LB Says:

    I use a pillow slip which I wash along with the pillow case. However, I love the idea of trading out pillows more frequently–especially at $2.50 a pillow.

  3. John Says:

    Why didn’t I know about these?

  4. Joyce W Says:

    Just found your blog! Since I enjoy a hard down pillow, I double two pillow protectors and a pillow case.
    My pillows are sanitized in my dryer each time the pillow case and protectors are changed. I wash my sheets weekly.
    I clean my bedroom ceiling fan before removing the dirty sheets, so the loose dust goes into the washing machine. Often I change pillow cases 2-3 times weekly.; pillow protectors and pillow cases are white. If I’m doing a white load of clothes, I toss them in. Love a fresh clean pillow to sleep on.
    Make every day special.