Whitewashed Target Tuesday

Spring is almost here, and the first thing to change this time of year is always my house accessories. Away go the faux-fur blankets and throw pillows and out come the greenery and white linens.

Target has impeccable timing. Of course it gets me again with all the right things…

target tuesday_whitewash2

1. flower statement necklace

2. wood + metal vase

3. faceted vase

4. tufted gold bench

5. wooden pedestal bowl

6. boxwood wreath

7. white dipped baskets

Has Target seduced you with anything lately? Would love to hear your finds!

5 Responses to “Whitewashed Target Tuesday”

  1. carol jane Says:

    I was just in my local Target and did not see any of those things. I love the baskets. What dept. did you find them in?

  2. Emily@boxwoodclippings.com Says:

    Hi Carol Jane, the baskets are in the seasonal decor aisles. Target also offers free shipping on orders $50 or more.

  3. D'Nese Says:

    I have four of these items that you have listed. I paid full price for these, and now a few months after– these are all on clearance. Check your local Targets to see if yours is also. Great deals. Wish I would have waited but didnt want to chance that they would have sold out before I ever got to score on these lovely items.

  4. LB Says:

    Thank you for recommending a Spring accessory trade out. I’ve been thinking it’s time to take my cozy winter things and trade them out. I’ve already added new household plants, which makes me happy. I should see if the white dipped basket or wood/metal vase could house these new additions nicely. I also need to hunt for new pillow covers for my couch to lighten up my home for Spring… yeah, so much fun looking ahead to warm sunny days!

  5. Plum Pretty Sugar Says:

    Gorgeous selections! Thank you for sharing this prettiness for spring!