$119 Patio Set

Don’t you just love when the hardware store stocks up for spring? The smell of mulch and pansies and the aisles filled with planters, garden tools and patio furniture??  Ahh I just love it!

Designed to sell, it does just that and has me dreaming of endless possibilities for the backyard. A manicured lawn, a picture-worthy patio, oh and a fireplace would be nice too! ;)  Something rather similar to this:

boxwoodclippings_architecturaldigest patio

A girl can dream, right?!

The other night I was stunned while browsing ikea.com to find this patio set for $119!!!

boxwoodclippings_$119 ikea patio setSolid Acacia Wood Patio Set

Dreams can definitely become a reality with prices like this! Too good of a deal not to share!

2 Responses to “$119 Patio Set”

  1. carol jane Says:

    Its cute, but Ikea quality is not good at all.

  2. Emily Says:

    I hear ya, carol. Some of their things are better than others. I love my couch from there. This maybe one of those things to check out in person!