Girls Spring Dresses

After 7 years of fertility issues we really had no preference when it came to genders,  but when we found out we were having twin girls the dress dreams began flooding in!!!

This year, I’m lucky to have the most adorable hand-me-down dresses, but that didn’t stop me from looking anyhow! Dress No.1 below comes in both baby blue and pink, to DIE for for twin girls don’t you think? Originally priced at $44 it was a “no way”, but now it’s on sale for $33 (HERE) and was as low as $26 on Ralph Lauren this week.

Which has me asking the question: what is your price point for dresses? Or any clothing items for your children for that matter?

boxwood clippings_girls spring dresses

Dresses 2,3 and 4 are ALL UNDER $25! Which I think is pretty amazing. What do you guys think?

(No.1: $33.75 HERE, No.2: $16.87 HERE, No.3: $23.99 HERE, No.4: $24.99 HERE)

Please share your tips and tricks!

4 Responses to “Girls Spring Dresses”

  1. Meg Ruth Says:

    Love these! This is going to sound totally crazy but I’ve discovered Instagram children’s clothing shopping. Most of the things they sell have been warn once or twice and are steals of deals.

    As far as price, if I won’t spend the money on myself I certainly won’t on the baby.

  2. LB Says:

    These Ralph Lauren dresses are adorable!!!

  3. chrissy Says:

    Love all of these! So, I am a practically shopper but when it comes to my daughter and her wardrobe I can go a little crazy. My favorite place to shop is Von Maur, Macys and Janie and Jack. Her special holiday pieces are usually around $40. I did spend up to $70 I think on her birthday dress this year which I know some people would think is crazy. Before I had kids I thought it was crazy to spend that much. But, I do it and I haven’t regretted it yet. Macys has good deals as well as Kohls. My kohls doesn’t ever have the good stuff in the store but I find more online. Hope that helps!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Great comments, thanks ladies!