Goody Keep It Smooth Hairbrush

A few weekends ago, we got away to Brad’s parents home in Midway, UT. I inevitably always forget to pack something…this time a hairbrush.

Some girls may be able to go a day without a brush, but this messy head cannot! Off to Walmart I headed, where I picked up the cheapest paddle brush I could find…

boxwoodclippings_$3 goody paddle brushWith my expectations set pretty low on a $4 brush, THIS Goody ‘Keep It Smooth’ hairbrush turned out to be amazing! It tames my tangled mess of a head way better than my more expensive paddle brush that I’ve been using for many years and is only $3 online!

So if any of you are less than thrilled with your current brush (or need an extra to keep stowed in your overnight bag), give this $3 brush a try!

2 Responses to “Goody Keep It Smooth Hairbrush”

  1. Kathleen Leonard Says:

    I love your tips. So useful. Thanks for doing the “test” runs!

  2. Nicki Says:

    Ironically enough, guess what’s on my shopping list today? A new paddle brush. Perfect!