Inexpensive Drawer Organization Solution

Organization is always tricky and something that needs to be worked on and tweaked until you get the designated space to function perfectly for you.

When you finally get it just right, it feels pretty amazing! Like the stars in the universe are aligned again! We’ve been in our home a year now and most of our spaces are functioning ok. One of my favorite little spaces is our bathroom drawers, which stay organized by these plastic fellas…

Emily's Bathroom Organization

They may not be the prettiest, but I love they can be squished together to keep everything separated in its own compartment. Best of all they usually come in a pack of 3 and cost only a dollar at Target or Walmart.

These rectangle and square trays are similar to what I used and cost $1.34 for the 3-pack at my local Walmart. I use these same bins for all my shallow drawers throughout they house. They are especially great to keep my designated ‘junk drawer’ in the kitchen from getting too out of hand.

If you have things floating around in your drawers, you may want to try these inexpensive plastic trays a try!

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