3 Ways to Make Trail Mix

Whether at home or at work, it always seems to be the wrong time when your stomach starts to growl in between meals. Instead of heading directly for the candy we decided to bag up individual portions of our own trail mixes ready to go at the first rumble!

We simply used what we had in the pantry. The combinations are endless and you’d be surprised at what tastes so good together.

boxwood clippings_trail mix 3 ways

Combo #1 Pretzels, goldfish and M&M’s

Combo #2 Almonds, craisins, white chocolate chunks

Combo #3 Chex, cheerios, chocolate raisins and dried papaya

Our favorite is for sure combo #2, almonds always help keep hunger at bay until dinner time!

Do you have any favorite snacks to keep you going through the day? We’d love to hear!

2 Responses to “3 Ways to Make Trail Mix”

  1. Shar Says:

    Number 2 gets my vote! What type of white chocolate do you use?

  2. Sarah Says:

    our favorite chocolate is guittard, milk or white. these were the big chips chopped up!