5 Desk Lamps for Under $30

Our sissy-in-law Sally is currently setting up a new office space and she asked us what our favorite desk lights are if you’re shopping with a budget. So here you go Sal, a round up in your honor! And maybe perfect timing for those of you who are starting to think of dorm rooms already!

boxwood clippings_5 desk lamps for under $30


No1: The Barometer from Ikea (link HERE) is my favorite of the group. It’s only $29.99 and perfect for any desk. However, I’ve been eying it for over a year to use on my nightstands. (Yes, I’ve been planning our master re-do for a while now, Brock has promised we can move ahead once the twins sleep through the night…getting close.:)

No.2: The Scholar Task Lamp from Target is on clearance for only $10.98 (link HERE), and is simply adorable. Neutral with a pop of color, vintage with a pop of modern!

No.3: The Clip It Desk Lamp is from Land of Nod, $29.99 (link HERE). This one is great if you don’t have a lot of space. It also comes in a great variety of fun colors, but as always we’re drawn to the white!

No.4: The Terital Lamp from Ikea is the best deal at only $8.99 (link HERE). It gives off a lot of light, and it’s classic design can fit into any decor.

No.5: The Arch Desk Lamp is also from Target, $29.99 (link HERE). A super vintage look, but black brings the sleek!

Oh to be young and decorating a dorm again!

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  1. Kristina Says:

    I have #2. Killer deal!