Em’s Maternity Clothes Tips

I know a lot of people that manage through their pregnancy with waistbands rolled down and extra large tops. This method did not work for me! Cute maternity clothes are easy to come by and so affordable these days it is worth spending a few bucks to be comfy, especially because I’ll need them for a little while after Jane arrives too.

Here’s a timeline of my maternity purchases:

1. A new bra. This was the first thing thing I needed. Achy shoulders and pulling at your bra for 9 months is no good! This is the most expensive pregnancy item I have purchased but man, is it worth it. You know how much we love Nordstrom! The ladies there are miracle workers at finding the perfect fit for you. It’s hard to imagine until you experience. I ended up purchasing a nursing bra that I’ve been using for most of my pregnancy and will hopefully be a good fit post delivery too!

2. A few basics: Two new pairs of these leggings. I purchased these on 40% off days at Gap and have used them almost every day. So comfy, wash great, can be dressed up or down, and are very long for tall ladies like myself :) I also ordered a few new layering tops, and ordered one size up. These have been great as the bump has grown to still give me the length and coverage I like under my normal blouses.

3. A few go to outfits: I purchased these pants at H&M and a maternity Maxi dress from Old Navy. I wear the pants (which are capris on me!) to work all the time and pair with a loose-fitting blouse, one of my normal blazers (that can’t be buttoned any more) and a pair of flats. The maxi dress has been awesome! It’s such a relief to slip on a dress without any waistband or hemlines to worry about. I wear it by itself or layer with cardigans, blazers or scarfs to mix up the look.

The last thing I want to do right now is take pics while feeling like a whale. So here you have my very awkward go-to outfits.

boxwood clippings_maternity basics

I still have 2 months to go and a lot of baby growing and heat headed our way! I’m glad I’ve invested in just a few pieces to make it comfortably through, although I have warned Brad and neighbors I may be walking around naked before too long. Wish me luck!!!

5 Responses to “Em’s Maternity Clothes Tips”

  1. geraldine Says:

    looking gorgeous Em xxxx

  2. Miranda M Says:

    Swim Swim Swim! It will help cool you down and take the weight off your very sore joints from growing a beautiful baby girl :) And I don’t see any whales in those pics, just a gorg prego woman!

  3. Amber Says:

    Just beautiful xx

  4. Helen Says:

    You are beautiful mama x glowing!

  5. Emily Says:

    Thanks ladies, you are THE NICEST! Thanks for the tip Miranda, the pool sounds great!