Worth the Splurge: Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner

We all have good hair days, and not so good hair days, but this Pureology shampoo and conditioner duo are the best I’ve ever used at giving my hair consistent results.

boxwoodclippings_purology hydrate shampoo and conditioner

Instead of layering lots of products, these two protect alone keep the ends of my hair hydrated, tame my tangles easily, and still give me the volume and look I want. My hair smells and feels so nice when I use these products!

They are definitely a splurge, but when you buy in bulk it really reduces the cost. For example these 1/2 gallon sizes should last about a year, so isn’t really that expensive when you break it down.

If you haven’t tried these products before give a little travel size sample a try and see how you like it before you commit to the bulk sizes.

Do you have any hair products you are loving lately?

4 Responses to “Worth the Splurge: Pureology Shampoo and Conditioner”

  1. chrissy Says:

    I uses these as well and really enjoy them. I just started using Kerastase as well and it’s nice as well but pricier!

  2. Kelly Says:

    The new Living Proof line is awesome!!!! Different than other lines. Again – very pricey, but you only have to use a very small amount!

  3. marianne Says:

    Agreed! I love Pureology!

  4. emily@boxwoodclippings.com Says:

    Hi ladies! Chrissy, I agree Kerastase is awesome! I find Pureology lasts longer though! Kelly-I’ll have to give that new line a try, thanks for the suggestion!