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9 Ways to Use a Mason Jar

Monday, June 30th, 2014

We know mason jars have been on-trend for a while now, but they are so versatile we literally use them in every room of the house!

Here’s just a few of the many things you can do with a mason jar:

boxwood clippings_9 ways to use a mason jar

1. Bathroom storage: Toothbrush holder, bobby pins, and q-tips.

2. Glass: so perfect for a summer barbeque, or if you want to keep your kitchenware super casual. See our refreshing flavored water recipes HERE.

3. Small office supplies: Paperclips, pins, pencils and crayons. These look especially great all lined up in a row on a shelf or along a desk.

4. Cupcake liner holder: A mason jar is absolutely perfect to hold your cupcake liners and keep with all the rest of your baking ingredients and supplies.

5. Food storage: Obviously mason jars are great at keeping food air-tight and fresh. We love using them for dried spices and nuts to extend shelf-life and freshness.

6. Party decor: When we were in college, we would decorate for parties all the time with jars filled with water and a tea light. We would then add color with fruit or colored ribbon. So inexpensive, easy and effective!

7. Laundry room storage: buttons, threads that come with clothing are always hanging around. Why not give them a more permanent home?!

8. Craft room storage: We always save ribbons we get on gifts, rolling them up and sorting them by colour make them easy to find and reuse.

9. Loose Change storage: Having a jar in the closet makes emptying your pockets easy. We use our pennies for little treats like sodas, but it’s fun to also see the jar get full!


Do you love mason jars as much as we do?

What do you use them for?

Patriotic Food

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Maybe it’s the hungry girl inside of me, but take the American flag and associate it with food and I am 100% invested and ready to sign up for American citizenship! Here are a few patriotic ideas I’ve seen around Pinterest to get you all excited for the upcoming holiday:

boxwoodclippings_patriotic cupcakes

Screen shot 2014-06-22 at 3.13.53 PMsparkling spritzer

boxwoodclippings_patriotic yogurt parfaityogurt parfait

boxwoodclippings_flag fruit platterfruit + cake platter

boxwoodclippings_flag cakeflag cake

boxwoodclippings_patriotic toast

So fun and festive, right?! Does your family make any special food for the 4th? We’d love to hear your American ideas!

Holler Dollar: Pumice Sponge

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

One of the bad things about summer is flip flop feet.


You know what I’m talking about!




To help your pedi last a little longer,

make sure to pick up one of these pumice sponges on your next visit to the Dollar Tree.


boxwood clippings_holler dollar foot scrub.

A little scrub with this nightly

is magic!

Ikea Drawer Organizers

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

With just four weeks to go, nesting is in full swing around here. Diapers…check, onsies…check, we are all ready for our baby girl. THESE Ikea Skubb drawer dividers are keeping all those little things nice and orderly.

boxwood clippings_drawer organizers

THIS pack is so versatile and has a great price of only $7.99 for six drawer inserts!

boxwood clippings_drawer organizers

We use the same dividers in our dressers to organize, socks, underwear and small items.

Just a few dollars investment can save your drawers from being a complete mess. Well worth the investment don’t you think?

Boxwood Plants

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

I think I’m like most people in the way that I’m in love with things that remind me of my childhood.


When we did our landscaping 7 years ago,

it was no coincidence that we put in boxwood hedges and conifers, just like I had grown up with.


When we were looking for a fresh and simple name for our blog, the boxwood plant leaped to mind.

These images make me fall in love with this simple plant all over again.







They are so versatile. I love how they can be modern or traditional, look homy and exotic.


Do you have a plant you’re emotionally attached too?

Perhaps something you had in your garden growing up?

We’d love to know what your faves are!