A No-Sew Patriotic Bandana Garland

Are you looking for a fast, fun and thrifty project to dress up your home for the Fourth?!

Boy, do we have the DIY for you!!!

Introducing the no-sew Bandana Garland!!!

boxwood clippings_bandana garland, 4th of July

All you’ll need to create the garland is a red and blue bandana (we used THESE ones), a pair of scissors, and ten minutes!


1. Cut bandanas into quarters.

boxwood clippings_bandana garland, 4th of July

2. Cut each bandana quarter into two triangles to create 8 bunting pieces.

Picture 3

3. Tie corners of bunting together, alternating red and blue.

Picture 4

That’s it folks! This project took 10 mins, cost $2 and created a huge wow factor.

Can we hear a yee-haw?!

boxwood clippings_bandana garland, 4th of July

4 Responses to “A No-Sew Patriotic Bandana Garland”

  1. Margie Says:

    Here’s your “YeeHaw” !!!!

  2. LB Says:

    Very fun!

  3. Kelli Murray Says:

    Does it not fray? Or did you put something on the edges to prevent fraying?

  4. Emily Says:

    Hi Kelli, it did not fray for us. I’m sure the more it is handled the more it would fray. Sewing along the edge would definitely increase the lifespan of the banner :)