Boxwood Plants

I think I’m like most people in the way that I’m in love with things that remind me of my childhood.


When we did our landscaping 7 years ago,

it was no coincidence that we put in boxwood hedges and conifers, just like I had grown up with.


When we were looking for a fresh and simple name for our blog, the boxwood plant leaped to mind.

These images make me fall in love with this simple plant all over again.







They are so versatile. I love how they can be modern or traditional, look homy and exotic.


Do you have a plant you’re emotionally attached too?

Perhaps something you had in your garden growing up?

We’d love to know what your faves are!

3 Responses to “Boxwood Plants”

  1. carol jane Says:

    My hubby and I just re did our front bed this year. We planted a pretty ornamental flowering pear tree. hydranges, and bordered it with boxwoods. I cant wait till everything gets established and filled in! I think I”m going to love the new look, especially with the boxwoods. Growing up I remember my Mom having beautiful roses in our backyard. I did plant some this year as well. Hope I don’t kill them!!

  2. Janet Says:

    Geraniums! Growing up in Nebraska my dad grew beautiful geraniums. Each spring my first garden purchase:dark red, white, and pink geraniums.

  3. LB Says:

    I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where rhodedendrons were plentiful. I still love them.